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So Happy for You Funny Congratulations Card

$ 5.00
No. Really. I'm like.....happy for you and not a miserable jealous person because I would never be that right? Ok maybe sometimes but it's part of my charm. So...congrats and stuff. A fun little card for all the times your "happy" for someone but also a little bit not. Like when your work bestie gets a cool new job and you're like yay but also NOOOO because now your work bestie is gone. Perfect for engagements, weddings, new baby, graduation, birthday, housewarming, retirement, back to school, moving... Size A2 card measures 4.25"x5.5" and is printed on 130# paper that is so cute you could frame it! Blank inside, comes with an envelope and in a protective cello sleeve. Copyright The Coin Laundry.