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Complete Organic Plant Food - 450ml

$ 32.00
  • Keep your plants healthy and thriving with this organic plant food. Mix it with water and you’re ready to grow. The pump bottle will help you get the dosage just right.
  • This big 450ml bottle will last you a while, as the recommended dose is 1 pump in your 3L watering can. With just that one pump, you’re giving easily absorbed nutrients from organic sugar beets to your growing plant baby. Yep, this is a vegan, organic and effective way to boost your plants and cuttings. Last but not least, it comes in a pretty package. Keep it on display if you’d like, if only to show that plants are only getting the best care in your home.
  • How to use it? Take the practical pump and add a bit of the nutritious liquid to water. Suitable for both your plants growing in water as the ones rooted in soil.
  • Our organic plant nutrient – all purpose. No need to keep different bottles on hand. – vegan, made of plants, for plants. – for plants in water or in soil.