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  • Desert Dream Plant Mister

    $ 13.00

    perfect for misting plants of all shapes and sizes to keep them happy comes in 3 different styles + colors

  • Hobnail Glass Plant Mister

    $ 15.00

    Our Hobnail Glass Plant Mister is the perfect choice for any gardener looking to give their plants a splash of loving care. Crafted out of exquisit...

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  • Self Watering Mushroom Glass

    $ 15.00

      Mushroom glass made into an Self Watering Glass for any planter! 9" x 4"

  • Spray Sprinkler Watering Can

    $ 17.00

    2-IN-1 WATERING TOOL - Conveniently made to function as a watering pot and as a spray bottle, making it really easy to water both small and large...

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  • Glass Plant Mister

    $ 25.00

    5"L x 5"W x 7"H Glass Plant Mister Hand Blown Glass with Perfect Imperfections