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Antique Orginal Evinrude Sign "First In Outboards" Paso Robles Advertising Sign

$ 2,850.00

 Antique Evinrude "First in Outboards" Sign from The Power Equipment Company, Paso Robles 4ft x 6ft

Elevate your collection with this monumental 4ft x 6ft Antique Evinrude Sign, a statement piece that proudly proclaims "First in Outboards." Originating from The Power Equipment Company located at 1236 Railroad St in Paso Robles, this sign is a significant artifact of maritime and boating history, embodying the legacy of Evinrude as pioneers in outboard motor technology. This sign is not just large in dimensions but also in historical and collectible value, offering a rare glimpse into the past of nautical exploration and innovation. Feel free to email with any questions


Key Features:

  • Imposing Size: With dimensions of 4 feet by 6 feet, this sign commands attention in any setting, making it a focal point of interest for collectors, enthusiasts, and historians alike.
  • Historical Significance: Celebrating Evinrude's renowned status as "First in Outboards," this sign encapsulates a pivotal moment in the evolution of boating and marine propulsion technology.
  • Origin and Provenance: Hailing from The Power Equipment Company in Paso Robles, this piece carries with it a specific geographical and historical context, enhancing its collectible appeal.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Its bold lettering and classic design make it an eye-catching piece of Americana, perfect for adding a touch of vintage charm to any collection or space.