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70s Peter Max 7UP UNCOLA Sign Bottle Rainbow Rare Large

$ 900.00


Dive into the vibrant and psychedelic world of the 1960s with this authentic and rare 1969 Peter Max 7UP metal advertising sign, emblazoned with the famous "The Uncola" slogan. This collector's item encapsulates the spirit of an era defined by bold colors, groundbreaking art, and a thirst for innovation. Designed by the legendary artist Peter Max, known for his visual language of psychedelic shapes and color palettes, this sign is a testament to a transformative period in American advertising and pop culture.


  • Dimensions: *6 ft ( 71” tall, 14.5” wide at the bottom, and 29” wide at the top)
  • Material: High-quality metal, perfect for adding a durable and authentic vintage touch to any collection.
  • Design: Features Peter Max's signature psychedelic art style, with a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors and whimsical shapes that capture the essence of the late '60s. The "The Uncola" slogan is prominently displayed in bold, engaging typography, making it an unmistakable emblem of 7UP's innovative marketing campaign.
  • Condition: Excellent vintage condition with minor signs of wear typical for its age, adding to its authentic charm
  • Provenance: A must-have for collectors of vintage advertising memorabilia, Peter Max enthusiasts, or fans of 1960s pop culture. This piece not only serves as a decorative artifact but also as a historical snapshot of a pivotal moment in advertising history.
  • Display: Comes ready for display, making it a striking addition to any collection, whether it's showcased in a home, office, or gallery devoted to vintage Americana or pop art.

Collectible Significance:

This Peter Max 7UP sign is more than just a piece of advertising; it's a vibrant artifact from an era where soda was not just a beverage, but a lifestyle statement. "The Uncola" campaign broke the mold, positioning 7UP as the refreshing alternative to traditional colas, and this sign is a direct reflection of that revolutionary spirit.