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4" ZZ Zamioculcas Zamifolia Plant

$ 16.00


Zamioculcas zamifolia is simple to grow with a relatively quick rate of growth. Its resilience allows it to survive even if you miss a few of its watering intervals, though it is important to not overwater it.


  • Medium Indirect Light ( Can Survive Low Light but it will stunt growth)
  • Let Soil Completely Dry Out Before Watering Again ( About 2 weeks or more in winter months)
  • Fertilize Once A Month Spring - Fall 

***PLANTS ARE ONLY SHIPPED ON MON, TUES & WEDS. If you place an order on Thursday, it will not be shipped till the following Monday. This gives the plant the best chance of survival during the shipping process 

We do our best to protect the plant during the shipping process, but usually plants will get shaken up on their way to you. We don't have control over this and we cannot offer refunds for this reason. Our plants are all pretty resilient and will perk up in a few days with some TLC. 

***WINTER SHIPPING** please add a Uniheat pack to guarantee your plant doesn't arrive frozen.