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1964 7up Sqaure Sign Vintage

$ 225.00

Elevate your collection with this iconic square 1964 7UP metal sign, a vibrant piece of advertising history crafted by the renowned Stout Sign Company. Measuring 36" x 31", this authentic piece captures the essence of the 1960s with its bold design and classic 7UP branding that defined a generation of soda advertisements.


Key Features:

  • Dimensions: A substantial presence at 36 inches by 31 inches, this sign makes a striking statement in any setting.
  • Authenticity: Manufactured by the Stout Sign Company, known for their high-quality craftsmanship and lasting durability in sign making.
  • Heritage: Dated back to 1964, this piece not only embodies the vibrant era of the '60s but also represents a significant moment in the history of 7UP advertising.
  • Material: Crafted from metal, this sign is built to last, retaining its vivid colors and sharp details through the decades.
  • Visual Appeal: The sign features the iconic 7UP branding against a lively green background, encapsulating the brand's timeless appeal.