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  • Kendall Pot Ochre

    from $ 5.00

    The Kendall Pot's muted chartreuse colorway gives decor an inviting warmth & pop of color, especially when paired with a plant. Layer with othe...

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  • 2" Harmony Planter

    $ 10.00

    This simple set of neutral-tone mini pots are ideal for 2" nursery plants & succulents. The compact size is great for limited-spaces such as b...

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  • 4" Terracotta Planter

    $ 6.00

    Use this terracotta pot to add decor to your potted plant. You can place the potted plant directly in the terracotta container without having to re...

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  • Baa Ram Ewe Sheep Planter

    $ 48.00

    We combined a group of sheep to create this special planter. They are standing side by side and ready to hold your favorite plants or flowers. Ther...

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  • Kendall Pot Blue

    from $ 5.00

    Great Everyday Pot Bold Cobalt Blue No Drainage Hole  Smooth Matte Finish   

  • Kira Grow Light Planter

    from $ 85.00

    The Kira Collection is a grow light and planter in one, in matte black finish for a piece as useful as it is chic, perfect for growing your plants ...

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  • Watson Pot

    from $ 15.00

    The Watson Pot goes with everything. Available in three sizes and four subtle shades, its simple silhouette and perfectly-shaped (extra-deep to pre...

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  • Cactus Motif Cachepot

    from $ 20.00

    Embrace your plant obsession with our Cactus Motif Cachepot! Available in two sizes, these glazed pots feature a playful cactus motif and glossy...

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  • Beam Pot

    from $ 12.00

    The ribbed Beam Pot in the ideal shade of orange elevates the standard houseplant with a jolt of color that is sure to brighten every room.

  • Casey Pot & Saucer

    $ 38.00

    Ceramic Pot w/ Saucer 5" l x 5" w x 5" h

  • White Jett Pot

    from $ 16.00

    The New Jett Pott in terra-cotta is both versatile and stylish, designed to be utilized as as a traditional pot and saucer, or as a self-watering p...

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  • Anita Pot w/ Saucer

    $ 35.00

    Available in Two Styles Ceramic Pot with Cache 

  • Minute Pot w/ Saucer

    from $ 18.00

    Whether you place it on a sunlit windowsill in your kitchen or use it to spruce up a corner of your office this completely new and unique set of po...

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  • Kendall Pot Grey

    from $ 5.00

    Ceramic Pot Matte Finish  No Drainage Hole 

  • Kendall Pot Black

    from $ 5.00

    Black Stoneware Pot. Matte Pink Finish No Drainage Hole 

  • Kendall Pot Green

    from $ 5.00

    Green Stoneware Pot. Matte Pink Finish No Drainage Hole 

  • Mini Face Planter

    $ 8.00

    Mini Planter No Drainage Matte Finish Face is One Side 2.56"Dia x 2.75"H

  • Cheyenne Ceramic Pot

    from $ 15.00

    Rhythmic patterns embossed onto ceramic forms with a partial white glaze create handsome vessels for plant pots or cut flowers.  Small: 5" x 5" x ...

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  • Shiny Metal Planter

    from $ 58.00

    Shiny Fnish Available In 3 Sizes Large: 11" Round x 15-1/4"H (holds 10" pots) Medium: 10" Round x 14"H (holds 9" pots) Small: 9" Round x 11-1/2"H...

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  • Wood Slab Side Table

    $ 378.00

    The Burchen Stand features all-natural Teak Wood, meaning each piece is one-of-a-kind and perfect for use as a plant stand or end table in the hom...

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  • Ramos Chevron Pot

    from $ 10.00

    This stoneware cachepot with a hand sculpted pattern is glazed in white and sized to drop in either a 4" or 6" plant.  2.5" - 3" Length x 3" Wid...

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  • Wooden Chest

    $ 500.00

    Vintage Look Wooden Chest.  Handcrafted Each Piece will Vary Slightly  26.35" x 15" 13.75"

  • Exotic Tiger Planter

    $ 22.00

    Transform your plant into a wild addition to your boho decor with our Exotic Tiger Planter. This cute and quirky planter adds a playful touch to an...

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  • Kendall Pot White

    from $ 5.00

    Basic White Pot Smooth Matte Finish