pronunciation: crestay - dee - gallo

The original rooster pasta. Creste di Gallo, meaning "coxcombs" in Italian, referring of course to the roosters red combs. The shape is hollow inside and and originates from Florence. These fun pastas are very versatile and can be used with just about any sauce...even those with chicken!

We've got this playful nickname for it when the kiddos are around. We call them "Mohawks"! Picture this – these pasta shapes stand tall and proud, just like little mohawks in the pot. It's become a fun little tradition at our table.

So, when the kids are in the mood for some pasta with a side of giggles, it's Mohawks on the menu! They love it – it's like turning dinner into a mini adventure. The joy on their faces when they see those Creste di Gallo 'Mohawks' on their plates is just priceless.