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  • Chain Link - Black

    from $ 14.00

    HomArt’s Chains offer options for hanging in unique ways inspired by classical methods. Hand crafted and finished in black for an antiqued look. ...

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  • Blackwater Sacred Sage Room & Linen Spray

    from $ 16.00

      Our in-house formulated sacred sage spray.  For removing negative vibes or just refreshing the atmosphere in rooms and/or linens.  Can be used in...

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  • Romey Pot Black

    from $ 12.00

    Ceramic Pot with Matching Tray  Matte Black Finish  Available in Three Sizes 7.35" x 7" Fits 6" 5.35" x 5.75" Fits 4" 4.25" x 4.75" Fits 4" and 2"

  • Decorative Sand 37oz

    $ 12.00

    Perfect for adding an extra touch to any planter or terrarium.  36oz Plastic Jar with Lid 

  • Spray Sprinkler Watering Can

    $ 18.00

    2-IN-1 WATERING TOOL - Conveniently made to function as a watering pot and as a spray bottle, making it really easy to water both small and large...

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  • Kendall Pot Black

    from $ 5.00

    Black Stoneware Pot. Matte Pink Finish No Drainage Hole 

  • Round Terra Cotta Planter w/ Rope

    $ 60.00

    7-1/4" Round x 6"H Hanging Terra-cotta Planter w/ Leather Hanger Holds 6" Pot

  • Black Metal Watering Can

    $ 45.00

    This black watering can is a beautiful piece of decor to be added to any room. Place it on a mantel or shelf within reach and easily grab it for wa...

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  • Watson Pot

    from $ 15.00

    The Watson Pot goes with everything. Available in three sizes and four subtle shades, its simple silhouette and perfectly-shaped (extra-deep to pre...

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  • 4" Snake Plant "Black Coral"

    $ 12.00

     Very easy to grow as long is it is not overwatered. The Black Coral variety has dark purple and green leaves.  SECRETS TO SUCCESS:  LOW LIGHT ( ...

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  • Metal Bathtub Soap Dish

    $ 12.00

    Make your bathroom stand out with this unique metal soap dish! No one will suspect that this bathtub-shaped dish holds your favorite bar of soap! ...

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  • Mini Metal Alarm Clock

    $ 12.00

    materials: metal dimensions:  2-1/4"L x 2-1/2"H battery included

  • Matte Black Wick Trimmer

    $ 20.00

     Everyone knows the key to candle life is a well-maintained wick. If you didn't, now you do! Use our lovely matte black Wick Trimmer to tri...

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  • Matte Black Candle Snuffer

    $ 20.00

    Extinguish your candles in style with this matte Black Candle Snuffer. Snuffing your candles keeps smoke out of the air and soot off of you...

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  • Cat Watering Can

    $ 24.00

    This cat watering can is a must have for cat lovers. The can can be hold by the tail and is easy to fill. The small opening at the front allows pr...

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  • L/XL Vintage Time McGraw Little Texas Black Hawk Country Western Music Tour 90s T-Shirt

    $ 85.00

    L/XL Vintage Time McGraw Little Texas Country Western Music Tour 90s T-Shirt   23" PTP

  • Vintage Leather Black Pants W30” L31"

    $ 125.00

    Vintage Leather Black Pants W30” L31"

  • W32 L32 Vintage Soft Leather Black Pants

    $ 95.00

    W32 L32 Vintage Soft Leather Black Pants

  • Yeah I Lift Weights Black Motel Style Keychain

    $ 10.00

    Black keychain reads: YEAH I LIFT WEIGHTS in white lettering Keychain is an adaptation from the classic hotel/motel key tags. -Approximate size:...

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  • Puffy Heat Ball Chain Necklace

    $ 28.00

    Please be aware that the metallic puffed heart charm on this necklace is intentionally designed to have a bold and pronounced appearance. Due to t...

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  • A Dopo Handpainted Ceramic Candle

    $ 35.00

    ceramic vessels with hand painted details + unique decals hand-drawn dust covers inspired by the colors + patterns of morocco dimensions:  3.45"l ...

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  • Black Cat Soap Bar

    $ 9.00

    A pure black charcoal soap bar made with rosemary and lime essential oils to restore balance to tired skin. Detox and de-stress with this all nat...

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  • Black Cat Socks

    $ 15.00

    These black cat socks will bring a touch of feline fun to your wardrobe! Made with high quality materials, these socks are soft, comfortable, and s...

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