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UFO Alien Earrings Silver, Come Take Me Away Alien Earrings

$ 10.00
πŸ˜₯ Pictures are taken from Real Charm. Take a close look. Once purchased - NO return or Complain. 😎😊 β™₯ The most unique jewelry you can find, perfect gift for you and your loved one β™₯ W H Y βˆ™ Y O U ' L L βˆ™ L O V E βˆ™ I T β€’ It and can be worn every day β€’ A special piece you'll treasure β€’ High quality materials and attention to detail β€’ Material: High Quality Resin β€’ Finish: Green & Yellow β€’ Dimensions: 40 mm x 35 mm * If you are high end store or perfectionist please do not purchase. * It’s funky gimmick fun novelty item. * Fragile Handle with Care.