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Large Spanish Moss- Tillandsia Usneoides

$ 18.00
One of the most notable things about Spanish moss is that it’s not even a moss at all — its a bromeliad and a relative of the pineapple. It’s also an epiphyte, which means it lacks normal roots and instead takes in its nutrition and moisture through its foliage.
This plant likes indirect, but bright lighting most of the time. That’s why Spanish moss is so prevalent on tree branches… there’s plenty of ambient light around, but it’s protected from the sun’s direct rays that dry it out too quickly. Ideally, place your Spanish moss in a location where it can benefit from regular light, but won’t be hit by the powerful rays of the sun from noon through late afternoon. A little morning light won’t hurt it generally, but try to avoid too much direct sun, as it can cause the moss to turn black and to die off.
Spanish moss likes water and humidity. It also doesn’t like to be wet for long, like most other bromeliads. Most recommendations are to water only when the plant is completely dry, and to give it a good soaking from the top when it needs it. Indoors, you can place a bucket overtop your Spanish moss and then pour cups full of water over the plant until it’s dripping. Outdoors, you can skip the bucket and just dampen it with a hose. Don’t water it again until it’s completely and totally dry. You can occasionally mist it between the soakings if you feel it needs it
  • Comes with Bendable Hanger
  • Approx 24"