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Oval Larvikite Ring

$ 98.00

This stunning ring is made with a little known stone called Larvikite or Black Moonstone. It is a gorgeous stone that has grey, black, bright white crystals, hints of blue, and an overall luminescent quality. The stone has been set in sterling silver with a handmade ring band from sterling silver half dome wire and is a size 25mm x 18mm in size. 

Larvikite is known as Norwegian Moonstone and it is a grayish feldspar with vivid silver-blue highlights. Larvikite is a protective and grounding stone, both cleansing to the subtle bodies and facilitating a strong connection to Earth energies. Larvikite can be used in meditation to stimulate inner visions, and has been used to ground during astral travel. Larvikite can provide clarity to visions of past life recall.