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Morning Dew Bar Soap

$ 7.00

SCENT NOTES lily of the valley. hyacinth. wisteria.

"What's that stuff on top"? you may ask. That, my friends, is calendula petals. Why calendula? Because morning dew is a blast of floral aromas that could only be punched up with one thing... more flowers! "But, won't it clog my drain?" Of course not! It's not like you're jamming an entire bouquet down the drain. So just lather up and watch all those pretty little yellow petals get magically whisked away to their new home in the Atlantic Ocean (or something like that).

 This and all of our soaps are made with a carefully sourced blend of five plant-based oils, including extra virgin olive oil and shea butter.

All of our products are: • SLS and SLES-free • Detergent-free • Phthalate-free • Paraben-free • Sulfate-free

Size: 5oz / 142g