Kaya Lavender Vanilla Whipped Body Butter

Kaya Lavender Vanilla Whipped Body Butter

$ 20.00


Beautiful , smooth & smells like lavender & vanilla !!!

Packed with carefully selected all natural ingredients to nourish, moisturize the skin.
Smooth on skin, hands, knees, elbows, feet.. use regularly to improve the skin texture & protect the skin from dry chilly winds and cold weather.

> Linda says - I love the texture and scent. Very moisturizing! Thank you!
>.. Much needed for the chilly weather ..


{ Ingredients }

Organic Shea butter
Organic Cocoa butter
Organic Coconut oil
Organic Argon oil
Organic Rose hip seed oil
Organic Jojoba oil
Sweet almond oil
lavender & vanilla beans infused olive oil
vitamin e
lavender essential oil

{ Color } Lightest cream

{ Consistency } Thick

Why Amber jar ?
The double walled amber jars do not allow direct light to enter inside. thereby protecting the butter and the essential oils to maintain its shelf life and preserving the quality of the oils.

Chemical Free || Cruelty Free ||

Not intended to treat or cure any ailment or disease. Not approved by FDA.

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