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Hani Honey Bear - 2oz

$ 6.00
  • GALLBERRY:  Gallberry, also known as inkberry, and sometimes referred to as “Florida Holly Honey”, is another prized and increasingly rare honey in the Southeast United States, due to wetland over development and tree farming. Gallberry is unique and recognized for its high pollen, fructose, and diastase enzyme content, contributing to its quality to remain liquid and it’s excellent reputation for both flavor and health.
  • HOT HANI:  An infusion of Organic Red Chilli’s and Organic Apple Cider Vinegar slow steeped in our Hani Honey results in a “Sweet with a bit of Heat” Honey that we use on, well, everything! Drizzle liberally anywhere you want a bit of sweet heat. Use in a marinade for Chicken or Tempeh, on Toast with Cream Cheese, in place of Hot Sauce on Eggs with Home Fries, as a component of a dipping sauce/stir fry sauce for any stir fry, spring or summer roll, dumpling, or noodle dish.
  • WILDFLOWER: Fresh, raw, Florida local honey in an adorable two (2) ounce bear-shaped bottle. Wildflower Honey is harvested throughout the year and can vary from light to medium amber in color. It’s complex flavors are a result of the bees foraging on multiple sources of nectar and pollen including: Willow, Oak, Spanish Needles, Mexican Clover, Palm, Mangrove, Saw Palmetto, Golden Rod, Tick Seed, Sea Grape, and many more. Use this Honey generously in any recipe.

Made in United States