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#GIRLGAZE Hardcover

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Amanda de Cadenet blazes a new trail for women image-makers in the twenty-first century with #girlgaze, a hip, accessible, spirited book, soul-sister to Leibovitz's Women but for a new generation: a collection of works by young up-and-coming female photographers from all over the world who capture how young women see others, the space around them, and themselves. #girlgaze is sure to appeal to photography fans and women of all ages.
#girlgaze is on a mission to close the gender gap by creating visibility and tangible jobs for girls behind the lens and this timely book, from photographer and media entrepreneur Amanda de Cadenet's visionary focus, features a beautiful and powerful collection of images capturing how young women perceive the world.

This inspiring must-have for feminists and creatives alike showcases the work of a diverse collective of female-identifying photographers mixing candid and formal photos of females living their lives: moments of significance caught in a fraction of a second at home, on the streets, remote countrysides, and in war-torn countries. Spirited, elegant, and inspiring, #girlgaze promotes and highlights the work of Gen Z female photographers from all walks of life and is a stunningly beautiful representation of the female gaze.

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