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Faerie Smoke Wand

$ 20.00
  • A bouquet of dried rosemary, lavender, and rose buds beautifully crafted by hand and with love.
  • Made to attract positive vibrations. Give as a beautiful gift, display in a special corner of your home, or light and bring about positivity, clarity and peace. Use in love ritual ceremony, house blessing or simply for aroma pleasure.
  • Rosemary signifies love and remembrance and can be used to enhance feminine empowerment and to protect you with its divine light.
  • Rosemary: is said to bring mental clarity and calmness by allowing you to ’let go’ of any negative thoughts. Rosemary is used for beauty, clarity, cleansing, feminine power, healing, protection and peacefulness.
  • Lavender is used for, cleansing, increasing clairvoyance, and psychic protection. It's powerful aroma creates an ambience that is calming and relaxing.
  • Rose relieves stress and fights anxiety Ignite, blow out and let smoke. Set intention while gently blowing on the stick and guiding the smoke.
  • 4” wand

Made in United States of America