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Diy Embroidered Pin Kit - Create A Wearable Desert Landscape

$ 35.00

Explore the lines of the desert with this diy embroidered pin kit. Use a transfer pen to create your own unique desert landscape with the recommended stitch tutorials provided in this kit. Create your own textural oasis. Each pin kit includes an assortment of three desert tone and one cactus green skeins of embroidery thread, along with yellow pattern fabric, a 4-inch embroidery hoop, an embroidery needle, a heat erasable transfer pen, printed instructions, and a surprise three piece pin setting in either gold or silver. No two diy kits are a like.


  • 4 full skeins of dmc embroidery thread
  • Embroidery needle with large eye
  • Yellow pattern fabric
  • 4-inch wooden embroidery hoop
  • Heat erasable transfer pen
  • Surprise 3 piece pin setting
  • Shapes will vary between circles, ovals, squares, diamonds, and triangles
  • Printed instructions