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Cherry Blossom Candle 8 oz

$ 26.00

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: 100% soy candle in an amber glass jar UNITS: 6 per case SCENT NOTES: TOP | cherry blossom, magnolia, ozone MIDDLE | rose, cherry BASE | tonka bean, sandalwood, cinnamon INGREDIENTS: domestic soy wax

Frerés Branchiaux Candle Co. is an award winning artisanal candle company based in Washington, DC created and managed by 3 brothers, Collin (14), Ryan (11), and Austin Gill (9). In October 2017, the young Gill brothers wanted more allowance to purchase video games. Mama and Dad Gill told them that they had maxed out their toy allowance and to either “get a job or start a business” if they wanted more money. They decided to start a business. Mama Gill attended a candle-making workshop and then taught the brothers.

They now combine their own scents with the finest fragrance oils, hand pour each candle in small batches, and have even added accessories such as room sprays and diffusers. All of our candles are made using a domestic proprietary soy wax blend, cotton core wicks, fine fragrance oils, and apothecary inspired packaging. The small-batch creations are made of the finest ingredients. Our candle jars are finished off with a simple kraft label and black lid.