Ceremonial Smoke & Tea Blends

Ceremonial Smoke & Tea Blends

$ 14.00


These smoke and tea blends are  a ceremonial smoking blend intended for smoking or drinking, or burning.

All blends in the quarts crystals and Tibetan singing bowls.

Handcrafted by May Medicinals under the New moon with the intention of healing and transformation.

NATIVE SPIRIT:  is a ceremonial smoking blend intended for smoking or drinking during menstruation. It is powerful in aiding energy for your cycle. I've found it helpful to smoke. to relieve cramps and promote stress relief and relaxation.

ABUNDANCE: an intuitive boost. abundance is a handcrafted blend made in tune with love and the intention is attraction.

ASTRAL TRAVEL: awaken & activate. this blend is very good for creativity and activating lucid dreaming, opens the third eye and rejuvenates the imagination.


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