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White Sage Bundle 8" to 9"

$ 10.00
California White Sage Bundle

Beautifully bundled dried sage. Burning sage is one of the oldest and purest methods of cleansing a person, thing or space. Native American culture is the most commonly known for sage cleansing it is shared by the ancient celtic druids, asian cultures and indigenous peoples of the amazon.

The latin term for sage, “salvia” means “to heal”, and burning sage not only rids negative energy but adds wisdom, clarity and increases overall spiritual awareness

Sage cleansing can be as big or as little of a process as you like. Light sage at the tip and let burn a few seconds before blowing out and really let the smoke billow up. Use your hands or a feather to spread the smoke/smell of the sage around. Extinguish the embers in abalone shell or ash tray.

8” to 9" in length