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Blackbeard's Delight Bar Soap

$ 8.00

SCENT NOTES vetiver. patchouli. tonka beans. rose.

Yo ho... yo ho... it's the pirate's life for me... Yeah, no thanks. Spending all day on a rickety old ship while sweating in the sun with a bunch of stinky dudes while possibly getting scurvy? I'm good. I'd rather spend my time sudsing up in the shower with a bar of this here Blackbeard's Delight soap. Maybe I'll even enjoy a tasty shower beer. I'm thinking a good ol' Corona with a lime wedge. You know... so I don't get scurvy. Nope, no other reason. This and all of our soaps are made with a carefully sourced blend of five plant-based oils, including extra virgin olive oil and shea butter.

All of our products are:

• SLS and SLES-free

• Detergent-free

• Phthalate-free

• Paraben-free

• Sulfate-free

Size: 5oz / 142g.
Made in United States