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African Mask Plant - Alocasia Mortfontanensis

$ 44.00
These plants are stange and beautiful and can be somewhat tempermental to grow indoors.
Water 1-2x a week, when the top layer feels dry. Never let these (or any plants for that matter) sit in water. Their roots will start to rot and the plant will eventually die. Make sure that your plant is in a well-draining container. You want to make sure that the water flows freely and quickly through the holes at the bottom. 

Too much sun and you’ll burn the leaves and dry them out. This will cause them to brown and eventually fall off. If they’re too far away from the sun source, they’ll start to turn yellow and fall off. So, keep your plant a few feet away from a large window that doesn't get too hot, during the summer move further away and during cloudy days move closer. 

Prefers a humid environment, so you may want to mist daily and remember to routinely dust and wipe down leaves. 


  • 8" Plastic Pot 

Currently, plants are only available for instore pick up or local delivery. Orders placed before 2pm will be delivered that day. Orders placed after 2pm will be shipped the following day. 

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