7 Day Prayer Candle - Great Power of God Red

7 Day Prayer Candle - Great Power of God Red

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Seven Day Prayer Candle-Great Power of God

Our seven day candles can be burned with specific intention or they can be burned in sections or just used a decor. For most powerful effect let the candle burn all the way through the end for seven days. You can also add oil, herbs and crystals for a stronger effect.

The back reads:

Protect me,
Great Power of God.
Let the strength of Jesus’ faith be with me.
Let purification be with me.
Let the ecclesiastical court of the Most Holy Trinity crush
the courage of my enemies so that they do not harm me,
my children or my benefactors. Jesus Christ, Redeemer,
you conquered the world from  the cross.
Let your death conquer my enemies.

This candle comes in a clear 8 1/4” x 2 1/2” jar with a single wick.

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