6" Glass Pyramid Box Iridescent Moon Glass

6" Glass Pyramid Box Iridescent Moon Glass

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We bring you the iridescent pyramid box perfect for showcasing your crystals, plants or any knick knack you would like to put on display. Opens on one edge with a button knob. Shiny rainbow glass will add a magical touch to your home or sacred space. 

Since ancient times on various continents, pyramid shaped objects have been used to elevate consciousness through meditation, increase well being, preserve the life forces, and harmonize energies of places and people. Pyramids have negative ions, which have a balancing effect on the electromagnetic field of the body

  • Empower your thoughts
  • Achieve your goals
  • Cleanse Negative energy
  • Balance Chakras
  • Energize Stones
  • Harmonize Relationships
  • 6" Pyramid
  • Mirrored Bottom

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