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6" Croton - Gold Dust

$ 16.00

One of the boldest houseplants around, you can't miss crotons because of their colorful foliage. Often boldly marked with bright yellow, orange, red, and even black, crotons are perfect for adding a tropical touch to indoor decor.

Ships with 6" Plastic Pot 


  • High Indirect Light Indoors 
  • Keep Soil Moist at All Times, Drier In Winter  
  • Fertilize Regularly with House Plant Fertilizer in Spring & Summer
  • Thrives with Misting, Pebble Tray & Grouping with Other Plants


  • We are now able to ship plants any where in the United States. We do our best to protect the plant during the shipping process, but usually plants will get shaken up on their way to you. We don't have control over this and we cannot offer refunds for this reason. Our plants are all pretty resilient and will perk up in a few days with some TLC.