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4" Calathea Medallion

$ 15.00

This 4" Calathea Medallion is an attractive houseplant, featuring lush foliage with stunning silver and green patterned leaves. Its bushy leaves are held upright by slender stems, making it a great way to bring a touch of nature into any living space. This plant does best in indirect sunlight and its leaves prefer to be kept moist with weekly watering.

  • Medium Indirect Light will Scorch in Direct Sun 
  • Keep Soil Evenly Moist, Dont Let Dry Out 
  • Wipe Leaves Often with Damp Rag or Paper Towel 
  • Prune Old or Unhappy Leaves 
  • Place in Pot with Good Drainage 
  • Half Strength Fertilizer In Spring & Summer Months About Once A Month   

***PLANTS ARE ONLY SHIPPED ON MON, TUES & WEDS. If you place an order on Thursday, it will not be shipped till the following Monday. This gives the plant the best chance of survival during the shipping process

We do our best to protect the plant during the shipping process, but usually plants will get shaken up on their way to you. We don't have control over this and we cannot offer refunds for this reason. Our plants are all pretty resilient and will perk up in a few days with some TLC.