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Knick Knacks & Trays

  • Magnetic Poetry Kit

    $ 14.00

    Dimensions: 4.75 x 3 x 1.25". Made in United States of America

  • Vintage Wooden Spools with Jute & Scissor

    from $ 8.00

    Found Vintage Item: Each piece is one of a kind and comes with its own history. You Will Notice variations, unique markings and small imperfection...

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  • Soapstone Heart Bowl

    from $ 18.00

    As stand-alone display pieces or to hold knick knacks, jewelry or any small display item, the beautiful finish on these bowls and the comforting co...

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  • Stoneware Floating Frog

    $ 7.00

    Add this little frog to your figurine collection. It is sitting quietly without a care in the world. You can place it under another decorative o...

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  • Soluna Dish

    $ 6.00

    Sun Dish  Moon Dish Terracotta  3.75" Diameter

  • Stoneware Heart Dish

    $ 6.00

    Place this decorative heart dish next to the sink and always place your rings in it when taking them off. This will eliminate ever having to search...

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  • Hedgehog Toothpick Holder

    $ 12.00

    Pewter Hedgehog Tooth Pick Holder Comes In a Set with 5 Toothpicks 1" H 

  • Hand-Carved Mango Wood Tray

    $ 16.00

    10"L x 6"W  Hand Carved Each Piece is One of A Kind 

  • Celestial Brass Inlay Box

    from $ 15.00

    perfect for storage of jewelry, crystals, knick knacks... whatever your little celestial heart desires!

  • Ceramic Icon Tray

    $ 16.00

    This round tray has a gloss white glaze over natural ceramic with an icon. Serves as a coaster or a place to catch coins, knick knacks and jewelry....

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  • Mini Metal Alarm Clock

    $ 10.00

    materials: metal dimensions:  2-1/4"L x 2-1/2"H battery included

  • Relief Stoneware Dish

    $ 6.00

    Stoneware Ceramic Dish Three Styles Available  4.5" Round 

  • Stoneware Standing Llama Dish

    $ 15.00

    This adorable statue is perfect for placing small objects. Made out of stoneware, this llama statue has 3 small compartments for storing small item...

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  • Heart Trinket Tray

    $ 18.00

    This heart shaped tray is made from ceramic and finished with a gold rim. Adds a lovely pop beside table, bathroom vanity or dresser decor. Measure...

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  • Mini Reactive Glaze Stoneware Bowl

    $ 6.00

    reactive glazed stoneware mini bowls with speckles baked in the clay for a natural organic look reactive glaze creates a cat-eye jewel effect w...

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  • Monstera Leaf Ceramic Bowl

    $ 25.00

    Dive into decorating fun with this one-of-a-kind Monstera Leaf Ceramic Bowl! Perfect for corralling your trinkets, this quirky bowl will make a sta...

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  • Raffi Tray

    $ 20.00

    Natural Fiber Oval Tray w/ Handle 10.25" x 9.25" x 1.5"

  • Reactive Glaze Hand

    $ 11.00

    materials: 100% stoneware 3-1/2"L x 1-3/4"W x 4-3/4"H each one will vary

  • Glass Keepsake Box

    $ 19.00

    This glass keepsake box is the perfect solution for storing and displaying any small trinkets. Its glass casing and hinge opener make it easy to ...

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  • Cast Iron Cactus Ring Holder

    $ 20.00

    This essential desk accessory lends to perfect place to display a few favorite rings, necklaces or bracelets. Crafted of iron featuring a classic b...

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  • Mini Pearl Magnifying Glass

    $ 20.00

    mini magnifying glass pearl + glass material 1.5"Dia x 4.75"H

  • Wooden Heart Bowl Large

    $ 38.00

    This sturdy wood bowl is carved into a heart shape. Every bowl is naturally unique and is great for serving condiments or holding small items. ...

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  • Grace Seagrass & Metal 2-Tier Tray

    $ 57.00

    10" Round x 17-1/2"H Hand-Woven Seagrass & Metal 2-Tier Tray/Plant Stand w/ Removable Trays, Natural

  • Cast Iron Key Hider

    $ 15.00

    Enhance your home's security and sophisticated style with our handmade luxury hide-a-key featuring five exquisitely-crafted figures: a hedgehog, tu...

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  • Woodland Animal Dish Set

    $ 28.00

    2-1/4"L - 4-1/4"L Hand-Painted Stoneware Woodland Animal/Bug/Flower Dishes, Multi Color, Set of 5

  • Salvaged Metal Keys

    $ 12.00

    Vintage iron keys are given a second chance, this time as a decorative object. Strung together in sets of 10 these keys are a nostalgic artifact ...

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