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Succulent Soil Mix - 1.5 qt

$ 22.00

For the plants that need their space.

This rocky, aerating mix is made with locally sourced, natural ingredients that have been carefully chosen to give your plants all the drainage and nutrients they need.

Directions: Match your plant (or seeds!) with a pot. If the pot doesn't have a drainage hole add rocks to the bottom to encourage drainage. Next, free the roots of your plant from some of its original soil by lightly massaging the root ball. Add a base layer of your DEN Soil to the pot and gently fill in the sides. Fit the root ball into the center space as you fill. Once your plant is in, top off on the sides and water. Be careful not to over compress the top soil! Succulents need a little extra space for their roots to breathe.

It's a good idea to repot your plant every year, but plant needs differ based on species, age and context. Keep an eye on soil compaction and plant growth and repot accordingly.

This bag holds around enough soil to repot into four 8" pots.

Ingredients: OurCarbon™ Biochar, Redwood Fir, Fir Bark, Worm Castings, Lava Rock, Compost, Fertilizing Blend