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Indoor Bonsai - everything you need to know about indoor bonsai

$ 14.99
The definitive guide to the art of growing bonsai for indoors

"Excellent guide...with specifics on individual plants." - The New York Times

A bonsai is a miniature tree. Grown in a shallow dish, it resembles larger trees in all respects except size, and lives to an equally old age.

The conventional bonsai requires a site in the open air where the plant is exposed to the sun, wind and rain in order to develop and remain healthy. In this book, however, Paul Lesniewicz looks at those species that can successfully be kept indoors all year round. He explores a vast variety of bonsai trees, including mini versions, which are only 3-6 inches tall, for those who are really lacking in space.

Indoor Bonsai includes sections such as choosing a plant or growing it from seed, planting, general care, pests and diseases, shaping, wiring and pruning, and many other aspects, all explained in simple and straightforward terms. Advice is accompanied by step-by-step illustrationsandspectacular colour photography throughout, to help you choose and care for your bonsai tree.

Paul's guidance is not a one-size-fits-all approach; his sensible and easy-to-follow advice will help each gardener to create their own individual work of art.